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Tinui school was established in 1876 and is located 35 minutes east of Masterton. It is situated in a rural setting surrounded by sheep, beef farms and numerous forestry plantations.  We started the 2018 school year with a roll of 37 students of which 11% are Maori, 86% NZ European, and 3% other European.  All students live locally in the Tinui, Matakona and Castlepoint areas.  Students and offered quality teaching and learning programs which support them to develop as innovative and creative 21st Century Learners.

Currently Tinui School qualifies for staffing of 2.65 which is split between the principal 1 ffte, junior room teacher 1 ftte, principal release teacher 0.5 ftte, and ORRS teacher release of 0.11 ftte and 0.04 classroom release ftte.  The Board employs a teacher aide for 13 hours per week to support teaching programs in the junior (Yr 0-3) and senior (Yr 4-8) classes.  We also enjoy community support for our literacy program in the form of community members coming into school to be part of the Parent Reading Programme.  We have a committed and passionate Board of Trustees, supportive parents, committed coaches and enjoy interaction with wider community.

The Tinui School School Board of Trustees undertakes to take all reasonable steps to achieve the purpose, aims and objectives in this Charter, which has been approved by the Board following consultation with the community and to take full account of the National Education Guidelines and all statutory obligations (NAG 6,7 & 8).